Kim Hee Sun Thought About Retiring Due to Rumors

Actress Kim Hee Sun admitted, “After my marriage, I had thoughts of retiring because of all the rumors.”

On January 19, Kim Hee Sun appeared on the cable channel tvN’s “Taxi Talk Show.” This was Kim Hee Sun’s first talk show appearance in eight years and the first time ever that she was appearing along with her husband, Park Joo Young in a variety show.

Sources from tvN said, “Through this talk show, Kim Hee Sun will talk about her pregnancy and childcare. Also, a phone call between her and her daughter Yuna will be aired and viewers can hear Yuna’s great talking skills.”

During the episode, MC Lee Young Ja asked Kim Hee Sun about the hardest thing she went through after she got married. Kim Hee Sun answered, “The hardest thing was the rumors around my daughter Yuna. I even thought about retiring. I was so sorry to my daughter that those rumors about her existed because of me.”

Kim Hee Sun continued, “Though things were hard, because of my daughter Yuna, I set those thoughts aside and was able to gain courage. She told me, ‘Mom, you’re so awesome. My mom is the best’ and through that, I gained a lot of strength. If I show my daughter good sides of me, then I thought it would give her joy too. That is why I changed my thoughts on retiring.”

Also during the episode, Kim Hee Sun had a surprise encounter with her good-looking husband, Park Joo Young. The production staff nor Kim Hee Sun knew that Park Joo Young was going to show up. He said, “I usually get nervous around cameras so I couldn’t appear on TV for all this time.” The couple continued to comfortably talk about rumors on their separation and divorce and how they felt about it.

The filming took place in Apgujung and upon discovery, so many people were gathered that the entire area was immobilized. It was revealed that things got so bad that filming had to stop for a while. MC Lee Young Ja exclaimed, “I hosted over 220 episodes of this show and this is the first time something like this ever happened.”

This episode of “Taxi Talk Show” will air on January 19.