Wonder Girls Yubin is a Beautiful Stranger for 1st Look

Wonder Girls’ sexy rapper, Yubin, who is known for her swag, low voice and tanned skin posed for fashion magazine 1st Look just before leaving for the U.S.

The wonder girl took on multiple characteristics for this pictorial, from looking elegant, charismatic and chic in one picture, to playful and punk rock in another.

The lady showed off her doll-like body with a see-through nylon top revealing a black bra and a knee long skirt with various details, both from Givenchy and shoes from ShoeDazzle.

As the elegant gentleman she portrays here, she wore a suit jacket and dress from Dolce & Gabbana and lace leggings matched with a ring from Tasaki and graphic glasses.

She also rocked a flower print jacket from Prada which has been the last trend on fashion podiums, graphic sunglasses and pearl necklace from Tasaki.

Revealing a shy-like pose, Yubin is seen wearing a black print mini dress which she matched with Miu Miu shoes and a Tasaki bracelet and ring from Pandora.

Showing off slender legs, Yubin went for a Christopher Kane above-the-knees flower patterned lace dress with a pair of shoes from Helena & Christie, accessorized with H&M bangles.

Last but not least with this close up shot, Yubin opted for a spangle sequin top, another pearl necklace from Pandora and a chain necklace from Emu.

Yubin also revealed in the interview portion : “For me, the stage is a playground and a way for me to escape reality and I’m thrilled by the audience which gives me strength and energy.” When asked about her time in the U.S for the past years she explained : “It was awful, but I think these were times when there was more to gain than to lose for us.” She continued by saying : “If I’m told to do things as I used to, I give much more importance to small things in the schedule now.”

Yubin also confessed : “If I ever get the chance I would like to be radio DJ, to do some documentary narration and take on the challenge to learn how to play the guitar!”

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls TV movie is set to premiere on February 2. Be sure to check out the teasers if you haven’t seen them yet.

What do you think of “Beautiful Stranger” Yubin?