Hwang Jung Min to Lee Hyori "I Love You"

Actor Hwang Jung Min has made a surprise proposal of love to singer Lee Hyori!

On the January 19 episode of KBS‘s “Happy Together 3,” Hwang Jung Min was connected to Lee Hyori by phone courtesy of fellow guest and “Dancing Queen” co-star Um Jung Hwa as a surprise special guest on the show. Stunned by the revelation that he would be talking to her, he couldn’t hide his surprise and eager smile. 

Um Jung Hwa had praised Lee Hyori by saying, “She’s really pretty on stage so she’s one of the few female artists that I’m envious of, Hwang Jung Min actually really likes her.” 

Once Lee Hyori’s voice was heard in the studio, the male guests weren’t able to contain their excitement. Hwang Jung Min immediately began to blush and had trouble finding the right words to say. Eventually, he hilariously blurted out, “I love you!”

The studio laughed at his shy confession before Lee Hyori went on to return the praise Um Jung Hwa had showered her with, saying, “She’s an easy-going senior, but I wish she’d fix that habit of acting so cute!” 

Um Jung Hwa wittily replied back, “And you fix that habit of considering me easy-going!”