"Flower Boy Ramen Shop" Lee Chung Ah Shows Boyish Charms

Fans of the hit drama “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” will be happy to hear that actress Lee Chung Ah is back in the spotlight with a new pictorial!

For the February edition of “SURE” magazine, Lee Chung Ah has dropped her cute and spunky image for a masculine look that shows off her boyish charms. Gone are the track suits and teacher get-ups, as she’s donned a denim look from head to toe with a casual gray hoodie to top it off. 

The photoshoot was held at a stadium in Kangnam on January 6, and staff on set were quick to reveal that Lee Chung Ah had no problem getting into the rough and tumble mood needed for the pictorial. From free-spirited poses to unique, scowling facial expressions, the staff couldn’t help but send their applause at her ability to do complete character transformations on the spot. 

Although she hasn’t picked up another drama since “Flower Boy Ramen Shop,” she’s reportedly in discussion for new work so fans can anticipate some more great news this year.