Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko Receives Childcare Advice from Kang Hye Jung

Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko, who recently became a father to an adorable baby boy named Rhythm spoke briefly about being a father and recieving advice from other celebrity parents.

Dynamic Duo appeared on SBS Power FM‘s open studio radio, “Fire Club 1999,” on January 13 and were asked a few questions regarding Gaeko’s new role as a father. Boom asked, “What has changed the most now that Gaeko has become a father?” 

Choiza answered, “His son wakes up a lot at night so Gaeko is not able to get a lot of sleep. He has a hard time handling our schedules as a result.” Gaeko added, “I remember when Tiger JK had his son, he wouldn’t answer his phone that often. After I had my son, he told me, ‘Now you won’t answer your phone either!'” 

Gaeko continued, “Tablo and Kang Hye Jung were a lot of help as well. Kang Hye Jung took the time to create a list of baby products that I would need to raise a baby and sent it to me through e-mail. I was really grateful for that!”

Gaeko also joked by revealing that he used Dynamic Duo’s “Insomnia” as a lullaby for his baby.