Han Hyo Joo’s Cosmopolitan Pictorial

Actress Han Hyo Joo has always been known for her lovely and pure image, but that’s all about to change with the glamorous transformation she made for “Cosmopolitan” magazine!

Han Hyo Joo graced the cover of the magazine’s February edition with a stunning pictorial series that showed a new side to the actress never seen before. Her captivating legs were given full justice with her floor length dress that revealed her envious body shape in all the right places. 

The pictorial’s concept aimed to show what happens between the stage and the curtains, where a world of glamorous mystery is just waiting to unfold. Her body was so glamorous, in fact, that the editors who were on standby to edit the photos as they came had nothing to do but smile with satisfaction at the natural pictures that required no further work. 

When asked what the secreet behind her body was, she nonchalantly replied that all she did was walk and run on a treadmill at home.

In the interview that followed the pictorial, she was asked questions on her decision to pursue acting. She revealed, “If I had not gone into acting, I would have probably been a normal college student in pursuit of a creative job. In 10 years, I want to age beautifully like Charlotte Gainsbourg.”