JYJ’s Yoochun’s Face is Smaller Than a Ramen Cup?

JYJ’s Yoochun recently showed off his face that looks smaller than a ramen cup. 

On January 16, on a popular online community forum, there was a post titled, “Park Yoochun, now compared to a ramen cup?” along with a picture of him.

In the picture, Yoochun is holding a ramen cup next to his face for a ramen CF. The size of his face, comparably smaller than the ramen cup, shocked many viewers, since the size of your face is quite a big deal in Korea. He also wore a padded vest, showing off his trademark “perpendicular shoulders.”

Netizens responded with comments like “His face is so small, you can compare it to a ramen cup,” “His face got a little chubbier,” and “You can’t hide his ‘perpendicular shoulders’.”

On other news, JYJ will start off their South American tour in Chile on March 9.