Although they debuted back in 1998, 4Men gave their first ever Lunar New Year greetings since their debut this year!

As per tradition, the men dressed in beautiful pastel colors like blue, pink, and purple and posed for the camera with charm and elegance. They also didn’t forget to leave a special message for their fans, thanking them for another great year and hoping that they’ll join them for more.

“We would like to genuinely thank everyone for giving us your love all year long in the year 2011. To 4Men, 2011 was a meaningful year in that we saw the release of our first studio album, as well as going on our first nationwide tour. It was because of all of our 4Menia and your love that this was possible, so we’re both glad and grateful,” they began.

“In the year 2012, we hope that you receive much luck and achieve everything you’ve set out to achieve. This year, we will be visiting you with more great music and performances, so please continue to give us your support and encouragement.” 

4Men will be spending the holiday with their families and go straight back into preparing for their next album as soon as the break is over.