Was Kim Tae Hee a Nun?

No she wasn’t, but it was still close.

Actress Kim Tae Hee was dubbed the “Legendary Sister of Church” by Netizens in a topic posted on an online community earlier today. Several pictures with the captions “Common Church Sister ‘Verda’ Kim Tae Hee” showing the actress also illustrated the topic.

The actress of “Iris” and more recently “My Princess” is featured on a church prayer book for soldiers titled “Closer and Closer” with her hands joined as if she was praying and a peaceful expression. She is looking away and wearing a white veil.

Kim Tae Hee’s angelic beauty is also shown through the remaining pictures. In the group picture, she is wearing a casual outfit but she still shines with her bright skin and good looks. The top star is known as a fervent Catholic and a segment of her praying were shown on MBC Special.

The poster of the topic wrote: “Legendary Church Sister Kim Tae Hee, those who had these during their military service became Catholics. 

To this, netizens commented: “It seems that an angel really descended from heaven to church”, “Legendary Church Sister Kim Tae Hee who made people become Catholics.” and  “She looks so beautiful with a veil on her head.”

What do you think of Church Sister Kim Tae Hee?