Kim Hee Sun’s Husband "I Can’t Forgive You Doing Kiss Scenes"

Actress Kim Hee Sun and her husband, Park Joo Young, made an appearance on tvN‘s talk show, “Taxi,” and showed off their deep love for each other. 

This was the first time the couple made a joint appearance so MC Lee Young Ja got the special opportunity to ask some questions many have been dying to know. Among one of them was, “I heard that Kim Hee Sun isn’t taking on drama projects because of her husband. Is that true?” 

Kim Hee Sun admitted that her husband didn’t even want her in scenes that required light hugs. The MC continued to ask, “Then do you hate kiss scenes as well?” Park honestly replied, “I won’t allow it. I think it will make me feel bad.” 

The episode also focused on heavier topics, like rumors of discord surrounding their marriage as well as unfounded rumors regarding their young daughter, Yuna.