SM Entertainment Has the Second Most Facebook "Likes" in the World

With K-pop fervor running at an all-time high around the world, various Korean music labels have opened their own accounts on international social network sites in an attempt to closer to their international fans.

It’s been noted that out of all the Asian music/entertainment agencies that have official Facebook pages, SM Entertainment’s page has the highest number of “likes” in Asia and the second highest in the world.

SM Entertainment officially opened their Facebook page last June and managed to reach over 1 million “likes” within seven months. When all the “Likes” from their various artists’ (ie. SNSD, Super Junior, DBSK, etc.) separate Facebook pages are added together, the number is expected to surpass 10 million “Likes.”  

Through their Facebook page, SM Entertainment shares highlights from their concerts, photos of the artists, teasers videos, as well as various event and album information.