YG Will Put His Heart and Soul into Big Bang

The head of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk (Hereafter YG) expressed that he will be putting his heart and soul into Big Bang and its comeback, which is scheduled for Februrary of this year.

Through a telephone call with OSEN, he stated, “My first priority this year is Big Bang. I want to do the best that I can for Big Bang. I have been preparing some new groups as well but for these past few months, I have been putting all of my concentration towards Big Bang’s songs, so the new groups’ debuts may have to be pushed back.”

In Februrary 2011, Big Bang released its first mini album for the first time in 2 years, placing first in several music charts all over the web. It also had performances in Japan, spreading its influence across Korea’s borders.

However, in May, Dae Sung was involved in a car accident with a motorcyclist and then in October, G-Dragon was charged with marijuana use. There were no additional charges and the district prosecutor in Seoul suspended his indictment. From this moment on, Big Bang became completely immersed in preparing for the new

YG also said, “This past year was an extremely difficult time for YG, and to say that it was a crisis is an understatement. Just as you get a calloused scar after a wound, Big Bang has learned a lot and has become stronger through the ordeals. Surprisingly, the things that we’ve been through may turn out to be like medicine for Big Bang in the future as well.”

He continued, “Big Bang members worked very hard for their comeback. They came to work even on Sunday, as if this was their second home. I had not been able to see them often before but with this project I was able to work closely with them and I was happy for that.”

With Big Bang’s comeback coming up just a few weeks away, anticipation and standards are high. Although Big Bang’s “success” has fallen a little short in comparison with expectations in the past, YG confidently stated that this “will not be the case” this year.

He concluded with, “The 5 members have poured their heart and soul into this album for a while now. Their hard work will pay off this year as they once again resume their activities.”

Big Bang’s new album is coming in just a few weeks, so stayed tuned on Soompi for the latest news!