Jeon Ji Hyun Getting Married in June? "No Way!"

So… it looks like Jeon Ji Hyun is rumored to be getting married soon, again!

A news source reported on January 20 that Jeon Ji Hyun and her current boyfriend Choi Joon Hyuk were going to marry sometime in June. It has been a month since the two admit that they were dating. (At the end of December, news broke out that the two were dating. First this was denied but later was confirmed.)

According to the news that was reported, both sides have begun talks about marriage and set June as the marriage date because of Jeon Ji Hyun’s upcoming film, “Berlin.”

However, Jeon Ji Hyun’s agency has denied this, with a representative stating, “We stated that Jeon Ji Hyun had no plans of marriage when she admitted that she was in a relationship. There are still no plans for marriage.”

The agency also stated, “If they are going to wed right after the film ‘Berlin,’ that means they would have to begin preparations for the marriage now. There are no such plans.”

Choi Joon Hyuk is the second grandson of South Korea’s top hanbok designer Lee Young Hee and also the second son of Lee Jung Woo, who is also a famous fashion designer in South Korea.