Park Maintenance Lady Warns Hyori Not to Feed Animals

On January 19, Lee Hyori commented on her twitter, “Who? Why? It’s not like I feed them in front of someone else’s house, I do it in the bushes of a park where you can barely see what’s going on. So why are you doing this?” with a picture of a note she received from a park maintenance lady.

The note says, “You can’t feed the animals, Park Maintenance Lady.” It is referring to Lee Hyori feeding stray animals at the park. Lee Hyori has been a vocal, devoted animal rights activist since she adopted her once-abandoned dog, Soon Shim. A few days ago, she posted on her twitter, begging people not to send her a video of a little puppy being abused anymore. 

Netizens supported Lee Hyori when they saw her twitter post. They commented, “Now you need permission to feed them?” “Hyori practices animal care in real life, too,” and “Cheer up, Hyori.” 

When not taking care of stray animals, Lee Hyori has been working on her new album scheduled for release this year. 

The Note Lee Hyori Received