Stevie Wonder Gifts a Song to Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul

Naul, from the male vocal group Brown Eyed Soul, has been in contact with world-renowned musician, Stevie Wonder. According to a source, Stevie Wonder plans on giving Naul a song he wrote personally. Brown Eyed Soul’s agency Santa Music has received such a news and now is organizing Naul’s schedule to travel to the U.S. for this opportunity.

This is the first time for Stevie Wonder to gift an Asian musician with a song. Naul is to personally meet Stevie Wonder and finish his recording in the U.S. The only unknown factor of this grand plan is whether this particular song written by Stevie Wonder is going to be on Brown Eyed Soul’s new album, or released as Naul’s own single.  

Moreover, this opportunity has opened the door for Naul to the American market. A source said, “We are looking at different options as of now, including a single in the states with the help a major American music label.”

Stevie Wonder was highly impressed by Naul’s cover of “Lately” and made such a decision. Naul picked Stevie Wonder as the most respectful musician and sang “Lately” in many different occasions. Moreover, Brown Eyed Soul included their cover of Stevie Wonder’s “For Your Love” In the most recent live concert album.

Stevie Wonder became blind only a little after he was born, but he is now a world renowned singer, composer, and producer. He is praised as the living legend of American popular music by fans all around the world. Since 1961, Steve Wonder has sold more than one billion records and more than 30 of the songs has been ranked on Billboard’s Top 10 chart. He won 25 Grammys and one Oscar. He was inducted in to the “Composer Hall of Fame” and “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” in 1983 and 1989. In 2009, Stevie Wonder received Library of Congress Gershwin Prize from President Obama at the White House.

Naul debuted in 1999 as a member of Anthem. In 2001, he formed Brown Eyes with Yoon Gun but the duo only lasted for one album. Finally, Naul formed Brown Eyed Soul with Jung Yup, Young Jun, and Sung Hoon in 2003 and this all male vocal group has been going strong since then. Naul is also known as actress Han Hye Jin‘s boyfriend. 

Check out Brown Eyed Soul’s “Lately” below!