Two More NU’EST Members Unveiled

NU’EST, formerly known as “After School Boys” or “Pledis Boys,” unveiled all of its members by releasing the teaser photos of the last two members, Baek Ho and Ren today. 

Both Baek Ho and Ren are musically talented and very charming in their appearances. Baek Ho is presenting sexy masculinity in his revealed teaser photo. He has already gathered some nuna fans with his chic and wild gaze and charismatic appearance. 

On the contrary, Ren is appealing his androgynous charms. His V-line, dollish face, and slender frame together are giving off a special aura that is unique to Ren, labeling him as another “Flower Boy.” Ren is known to be the playful one of NU’EST, always making others laugh. 

With the release of the last two members’ photos today, all five of NU’EST’s members have been revealed: JR, Min Hyun, Aron, Baek Ho, and Ren. Even before their big debut, NU’EST is already drawing attention from the public. NU’EST is expecting to debut in early March. 

Baek Ho and Ren