Lee Hyori & Jung Jae Hyung’s New Music Show to Air in February

After what seems like an eternity, Lee Hyori is finally ready to return to the small screen and she is making sure she returns with gifts in hand for us music fans. Following news a few days back that Lee Hyori and musician Jung Jae Hyung were going to be involved in a new music program, we have now seen confirmation that SBS will air “Lee Hyori, Jung Jae Hyung’s You And I” starting from February 26.

Not the first time these two have worked together

This won’t be the first time that Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung have hosted a show together as they were the MCs for MBC’s “2011 University Song Festival” program. No specific details about the program have been released besides the fact that it is a music related show. However, by looking at the time slot, you can reasonably presume that this show will be a continuation of SBS’s prior late night music show “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” and will also be similar to KBS’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.”

The demise of this program was unfortunate

Personally, it’s great to see SBS make a return to the world of late night music shows. The cancellation of “Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate” in early 2011 left a very big gap in this genre of program. KBS “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” has done well to at least mitigate its absences, but it doesn’t change the fact that we went from 3 late night music shows, one on each broadcaster, to just one show in the course of two years.

Currently the only late night music show, but its ratings leave much to be desired

With Music Shows of all types currently suffering from poor ratings, it will be interesting to see what SBS “Lee Hyori, Jung Jae Hyung’s You And I” will do to differentiate itself from the other music shows. The combination of Lee Hyori, who has plenty of prior MC experience, and Jung Jae Hyung, talented musician and the rising star of variety shows, SBS’s new music show could have a decent chance of doing quite well.

So what do you think? Do you think SBS “Lee Hyori, Jung Jae Hyung’s You And I” will usher in a new era of late night music entertainment or will it just be another music program to add to the growing pile of low rating shows?