A Pink Gives Their Lunar New Year Greetings

Having won four rookie awards at the MAMA, Golden Disk, Seoul Gayo Awards, and the Korean Culture Entertainment Awards, the ladies of A Pink have wrapped up quite the successful year in anticipation for more to come in 2012. 

Dressed up in colorful traditional hanboks, they’ve left several greetings for their fans in celebration of the Lunar New Year. 

Chorong: In 2012, I want to get A Pink’s name out there. I hope that everyone will earn happiness by listening to our songs. We’ll work that much harder to greet you with new great songs, so please continue to watch over us!

Bomi: I’m always thankful for our Pandas and am always loving you. As much as you guys care for us, please watch over your health as well!! Fighting to everyone.

Eunji: Hello! I’m A Pink’s Eunji. It’s the biggest holiday of the year, the Lunar New Year. I hope that everyone can hit a daebak with everything they hope to achieve this year and are always healthy!! And our Pandas!! Please earn a lot of luck in the New Year!

Naeun: Everyone, a new year has risen! I hope that everyone acheives everything they’ve planned and have a happy and healthy year. Earn a lot of luck in the New Year!

Yookyung: Everyone! 2012 has finally been unveiled. I hope everyone wrapped up a happy 2011. This year, we hope each day is filled with happy things, and more than anything, good health!! Please take care of your health. 

Namjoo: A new year of 2012 has come ^^ Please achieve everything you set out to do and always be happy!!

Hayoung: This year, I won’t be lazy, I’ll be active, I’ll diet, and above all, I’ll be healthy and try not to get sick. Please earn a lot of luck in the New Year and give much love to APink! I love my A Pink unnis.