Hyoyeon Wants Five Kids, Dream Job is Fashion Designer

In the most recent recording for jTBC‘s “SNSD and the Dangerous Boys,” SNSD‘s Hyoyeon revealed what she hoped to achieve 10 years from now. 

The girls and their “dangerous boys” were asked to write a mock diary entry of what they would write 10 years from now. Hyoyeon wrote on hers, “I’m getting labor pains. I think my fourth and fifth children are coming. I actually want to become a mother to five children in 10 years.” 

She continued to write, “I’ve achieved a dream that I’ve had for such a long time.” Hyoyeon then talked about how she hoped to live a second life in 10 years as a fashion designer. 

The diary entries were a hit with the students, as many of them reflected on their bad actions in the past and wrote various dreams they had for their futures, satisfying their SNSD mentors. 

Does this mean SNSD will come to an end in 10 years?