JYP Plays the Manager of the Wonder Girls in New Movie

In a sneak peek video uploaded on YouTube, it was revealed that Park Jin Young, the founder and main producer of JYP Entertainment, makes a cameo appearance as the manager of the Wonder Girls on the upcoming movie, “The Wonder Girls.”

In the video, the producer better known as JYP puts his acting skills on full display, playing another comic role as the manager of the girl group. In the scene that takes place on the girls’ charter flight, JYP gives a little pep talk before the Wonder Girls’ first performance in the U.S. He says, “Look girls, this is the start of our first American tour. We only get one shot to make a great first impression. So I need you to be tight, and look out for each other. And what do the Wonder Girls always do?”

“The Wonder Girls always stick together,” the Wonder Girls respond, as JYP says, “That’s right. New York City, here we come!”

How do you like his acting? Check out the teaser video below!