New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 January Week 3

Dal Shabet mini-album Vol. 4 – Hit U (Jan. 27)

01 Fire it Up
02 Hit U (Feat. Bigtone)
03 Chu Ma Boy
04 Dream in U Remix
05 Hit U Remix (feat. Bigtone)
06 Hit U Inst.

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Dal Shabet returns this year with their fourth mini-album titled, “Hit U”. The girls, known for their bright and lively image has transformed into more mature ladies. Their title track, “Hit U” fits this change as it is a hip-hop rock crossover in minor key. Also included in the album is hip-hop number, “Fire it Up”, medium-tempo ballad number, “Chu Ma Boy”, and remixes of “Dream In You” and “Hit U”.


Wanted Vol. 3 – Vintage (released)

01 This Song
02 Like You (feat. IU)
03 Going to You
04 Can’t Trust
05 Reason You Can’t Stand Me
06 Different Me (Sang Hwan Solo)
07 Things You Can’t See With Opened Eyed
08 That Person (Jae Suk Solo)
09 Baby Don’t Go
10 Sound of Tears (Dong Kyun Solo)
11 +=-
12 Like You INST
13 Going to You INST

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One of Korea’s top vocal groups, Wanted makes a comeback this year with their third album, “Vintage”. After serving in the military and busy working on solo activities, Wanted returns after five years. The members took part in producing, composing, as well as penning the lyrics to some of the songs. The title track is “Going to You”, a love song about moving on after heartbreak. It is of the post-modern British pop genre.


Ali Remake Album – Immortal Classic (Jan. 26)

01 Na Na Na
02 Mt. Kilimanjaro Leopard
03 Lived Without Knowing the World
04 Alley
05 Nasty Person
06 Rain at Dawn
07 Place Where the Wind is Blowing
08 Forget Where My Heart Can Go
09 You Who is Too Far to Be Close
10 Peace

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Ali, who has shown her talent through KBS’ “Immortal Song: Season Two” has released a remake album this year. The album includes songs of various genres ranging from tango to hip-hop. The singer has tried to bring out her own colors while staying true to the song at the same time. Some of the songs in this album are Yoo Seung Jun’s “Na Na Na”, Song Gol Mae’s “Lived Without Knowing the World”, and Hae Eun’s “Rain At Dawn”.


Hyo Rin (single) – I Will Love You (released)

01 I Will Love You

Korea’s Beyonce, Hyo Rin (SISTAR) releases a remake single, “I Will Love You” this year. The singer sings about love with her sweet vocals. The song was originally sung by Zoo in 1995. The music video for this song stars trendy couple, Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jeh Hun.


Tim (single) – Love is Very Bad (released)

01 Love is Very Bad

Ballad singer, Tim returns with a new single titled, “Love is Very Bad”. The song was composed by rookie composer, Song Young Ho and is about being unable to forget about one’s love even after breakup. Tim is able to bring out the sadness to this song.


Yoon Il Sang 21st Anniversary Special Album, Part 2 (single) (released)

01 Remembrance – Super Junior KRY
02 Remember (feat. Miryo) – JK Kim Dong Wook

In celebration of Yoon Il Sang’s 21st anniversary as a composer, part two of his special album has been released. This time it features artists Super Junior KRY and JK Kim Dong Wook. The former artist is to cover Turbo’s hit number, “Remebrance” while the latter will cover DJ DOC’s “Remember”.


Other Releases:
Joo Yoon Ha – On the Way Home (Jan. 26)
Sentimental Scenery – There is Nowhere Else in the World (Jan. 26)
Nukie – Gag (Jan. 26)
Monkeyz – First Cry (Jan. 26)
Scary’p – Producizm (Jan. 27)

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