Wonder Girls’ Hye Lim Reveals School Dance Party Picture from Her Student Days

Wonder Girls’s Hye Lim recently revealed a picture from her student days. Hye Lim uploaded the picture on her me2day with the caption: “Dance party when I went to school in Hong Kong~^^ I remember the memories ㅠㅠ” on January 21.

In the picture, Hye Lim has long, straight hair while smiling and putting her hand up to pose the “V” sign. She portrayed a pure beauty while displaying a variety of charms with her navy top and white pants.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Wow you look the same as now!!”, “I was able to spot you right away unnie hehe,” and “I love you nuna~”

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls’s American TV film, “The Wonder Girls” will air on Teen Nick February 2.