JYJ’s Documentary "The Day" Soon To Be Released In Theaters

JYJ’s documentary film, depicting their everyday lives, will soon be shown in theaters. CJeS Entertainment recently revealed, “JYJ’s documentary, ‘The Day,’ revealed to be in the works last winter, will soon be shown in theaters,” and that “‘The Day’ is dedicated to the fans and Valentine’s Day. It will be the full version of JYJ’s life story.”

During the past two years, JYJ has approached their fans with sincerity, in various ways. Last winter, they released a music essay titled “Their Rooms,” written and composed by all the members, which became a bestseller. Soon after, they launched their first world tour at the Insadong Gallery in Seoul, receiving much love from fans.

The audience will be able to see the typical daily life of the three men, their dreams, friendship, and happiness through the documentary. The 90 minute documentary will be the full version of JYJ’s true life story.

“This documentary will specially feature the commentary of the JYJ members throughout the whole 90 minutes. We recently recorded the commentary, and it was full of constant laughter from the members,” CJeS continued. “We are also preparing a surprise meet-and-greet before the showing of the film on Valentine’s Day, similar to last year’s special fan meeting on White Day.”

JYJ stated, “We’re very happy and thrilled that our daily lives will be shown through the big screen to our fans. We recently recorded the commentary, and were amazed at how easily we laughed during it. The documentary will show our true selves through the story of our friendship. We hope to make special memories with our fans on Valentine’s Day.”

“The Day” will be released through CGV Cinemas in 20 theaters nationwide on February 9, and will be officially announced through the websites of CJeS Entertainment and CGV Cinemas.

On other news, JYJ will soon leave for their South American tour in March. Last week, their opening concerts were sold-out in a matter of two days, already showing a fiery response.