Wonder Girls Talks about New Album and U.S. Tour on Red Carpet

We previously reported that the Wonder Girls kicked off their Teen Nick movie promotion starting with an official movie screening at the CGV Cinema in L.A yesterday.

Press coverages and interviews are being released giving us more informations as to what the Wonder Girls have in store for their American fans. Sun Ye, Ye Eun, Hyerim, Sohee and Yubin flaunted their English skills in another interview.

JYP’s wonderful quintet got interviewed by Pacific Rim Press and talked about their first movie experience with the School Gyrls, their future plans and the scheduled U.S tour. They also mentioned artists they’d want to tour with, which countries they want to visit and the funniest dork member who is no other than Lim.

Watch the interview to know who is the most serious member of the group too!

The fives ladies also revealed that there first full length album is set for release this spring. Last but not least, the girls had a special message for the fans.

JYP was also part of the party and talked about what’s to come for JYP Entertainment:

Check out this fancam of them on the Red Carpet.

Also, check out the photos of the movie premiere below.

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