Who Wore It Better: Sohee vs Yubin

Welcome to another edition of WWIB!

Same outfit, different feel, one look. Both Wonder Girls. Who will win this round?

JYP‘s girls gathered here for one tough fashion face off. These wonder girls both wore the same outfit, which is rare – we usually see this from an actress and singer, or singers from different groups.

Did Sohee lend Yubin her dress? ^^

Wonder girl Sohee wore a Christopher Kane flower patterned lace mini dress with rainbow shades at the SBS Gayo Daejun while performing with co-label mate 2PM while Yubin wore the dress for the February issue of 1st Look magazine (check out the complete pictorial here).

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Sohee: Wore the dress at a live performance (i.e. sweat, jumping around, insert word here).

Yubin: Wore the dress for a fashion photo shoot (they got to choose the best shot).

I know what you’re thinking, Yubin might have the advantage because she actually posed with the dress whereas Sohee had to run around during a performance. We may also take into account that we are able to see a complete head to toe photo of Yubin wearing the dress, while it’s not (really) the case for Sohee.

You can watch the video of the performance and make up your mind based on it.

Point taken, but let’s see what both have in store for us.

Sohee wore her hair tied in a low ponytail and as usual she went for minimal makeup – BBcream, powder, eyeliner, mascara and a light pink lipgloss. From what I can see in the picture, Sohee went for black sandal heels. Her milky skin contrasted with the colorfulness of the dress. To sum it up, Sohee’s overall look was simple, probably too simple for this kind of attire.

Now, Yubin.

She wore the same Christopher Kane rainbow colored and flower patterned lace dress. Although a photo shoot could allow any kind of eccentricity, her look wasn’t out of the ordinary. In fact, Yubin could totally have attended a movie premiere, or an award ceremony as this dress could fit any occasion. Yubin’s skin radiates in the picture. She opted for light makeup like Sohee, but her tanned skin makes up for it. Her hair is slicked back, giving the illusion that she cut her hair.

Have you heard of the “Short hair looks sexier” argument? It’s not always the case, but here with this dress, and Yubin, it surely is. Yubin accessorized the dress with H&M colored bangles. She chose a pair of black heels from Helena & Christie.

What does Papa JYP have to say to this?

External from soompi image

(-) Sohee: Her hair and makeup were no match for the dress. As this is a designer dress, wearing a bit more of makeup as well as being a bit more original with the hairstyle would probably have made a difference. Not really a fan of the shoes she wore, a pair of killer black heels could have done the trick with this dress.

(-) Yubin: Something a bit more audacious with the hair and makeup would have been better, considering it was a fashion pictorial.

Now, the hardest part – time to choose! Who wore it better?