BEAST’s Lunar New Year Greetings, 2nd Album In The Works

BEAST has a message for you and send you their greetings for the Lunar New Year.

We reported a few days ago that the boys would release a new single “I Knew It” on January 26 prior to their world tour scheduled for February. Starting with Seoul, the members plan to give their fans a beastly B2st show as they plan to stop in Asia, Europe and America.

Now, let’s watch the video and see what Doojoon, Yoseob, Dongwoon, Kikwang, Junhyung and Hyunseung have to tell you!

Check out our translations of the video below.

BEAST: Soooooo Beast! Hi, we are BEAST.
Dongwoon: Finally it’s here, our country’s most celebrated holiday! It’s the Lunar New Year!
Doojoon: Are you enjoying the holiday with your family? We still work during the holiday. It’s finally 2012 and our first world tour which will be held at the Olympic Arena in Seoul has started.
BEAST: Beautiful Show!
Doojoon: We’ve been rehearsing really hard for the Beautiful Show, so please anticipate it!
Dongwoon: Oh, wait wait.
Doojoon: Why?
Dongwoon: You know, about that, I knew it.
Kikwang: What? You knew it?
Dongwoon: Yes! On January 26 our new digital single called “I Knew It” will be released!
Kikwang: It’s been about 8 months since we last released a single. We did our best and worked hard
on it so please support and enjoy it.
Doojoon: Also, when we finish our tour, our anticipated second and full length album will be released. It’s a full length album, not an EP. Please anticipate its release in 2012! We hope you have a great time during the holiday and join us to start this brand- new year. Yoseob , please say something.
Yoseob: Happy New Year!!!
Kikwang: Yes!
BEAST: Just now, it was BEAST! Have a Happy New Year!

What do you think of their greetings? Sweet?

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