T-ara to Finally Launch Official Fanclub

T-ara is to finally launch their own official fanclub. The CEO of T-ara’s agency, Kim Kwang Su, has been adamantly refusing to launch official fanclubs for any artists within his management. His long-standing philosophy has been that popular artists should not be limited to only appeal to fanclubs, but should thrive to win the public’s affection. 

This management philosophy of CEO Kim Kwang Su has been in effect since 1982, when he started out his career as a manager. Kim was in charge of many big-named artists like Yoon Sang, Kim Wan Sun, and Jo Sung Mo and never launched any official fanclubs. This directly applied to T-ara since their debut, too. Although members of T-ara repeatedly asked Kim to launch T-ara’s official fanclub, he never changed his philosophy. 

However, T-ara’s continuous streak of success finally changed Kim’s management philosophy of 30-years. On January 20, T-ara was ranked no.1 on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” for the first time in two years with “Lovey Dovey.” Prior to “Music Bank,” “Lovey Dovey” was also ranked no.1 on “M! Countdown,” and “Inkigayo.”

CEO Kim Kwang Su commented, “Although I still believe that a popular artist should be loved not only by his or her own official fanclub, but also by the public, I’ve decided to go against my 30-year-long philosophy to celebrate T-ara’s success. I can see that T-ara has become a true popular artist as they continuously won the public’s affection with ‘Roly Poly,’ ‘Cry Cry,’ and ‘Lovey Dovey.'”

He also mentioned, “I plan on launching T-ara’s official fanclub this summer. The members are still unaware of it, so I hope this news would be a great lunar new year gift to them.”

T-ara “Lovey Dovey” on “Music Bank”