ChoColat Posts Lunar New Year Greeting Video

The members of newbie “multiracial group” ChoColat, have posted Lunar New Year’s greetings to their official YouTube channel.

The members speak in English in one video, and Korean in the other. As you would expect, the members are comfortable using English and Korean, and are very cute in both languages. In both videos, the members introduce themselves and thank their fans for their support. The members appear in their stage costumes and not hanbok, but hopefully we’ll see a picture of them in hanbok soon! Each member is wearing a furry sweater of a different color. Melanie, in the blue, and Tia, in the red, take charge of most of the English dialogue. However, all of the members speak up for the Korean language video. 

This past December ChoColat released their comeback song “I Like It” without member Jae Yoon. Jae Yoon is currently taking a break due to health issues. January 23 is the Lunar New Year for 2012. This year is the year of the Dragon. Check out their greetings below, English first and Korean below.