Sandara Park Tries to Hide Bare Face

Funny girl Sandara Park is back with another comical picture from her January 22 me2day account. In the picture taken before a rehersal, Sandara Park scowls at the camera from behind a long yellow and black scarf. Sharp-eyed viewers may notice that she’s wearing the same red skinny jeans from her January 21 me2day post

Above the picture, she wrote, “The sufferring of bare faced Dara. I should go to rehersal without make-up on. If I wear a hat, it’ll get sweaty when I dance. If I wear sunglasses, they’ll fall off. So, I am forced to cover my face. I’m gonna dance hard.” Netizens got a good laugh out of the picture. They left comments like, “I got a good laugh out of Dara trying so hard to cover her face,” “How’d the rehersal go? Wasn’t the scarf a bother?” and “Your bare face is beautiful, why hide it? I want to see it.” 

2NE1 is currently in Japan taking part in the “YG Family Concert in Japan.” They were at the Saitama Super Arena on January 21 and 22. 2NE1’s Japanese site says that they will release a new single on February 29 and the DVD for their first Japan tour “NOLZA.