JYP Artists Show Support for 2PM Junsu’s Father Death

Upon the unfortunate death of 2PM Junsu’s father, many JYP artists have shown their support. This was seen through Junsu’s uncle’s Twitter mentions toward the JYP artists. Junsu’s uncle expressed his thanks to Wooyoung, Chansung, Taecyeon and other 2PM members by saying, “You all were like blood brothers as you shared Junsu’s pain during this process. Thank you for all the comfort and support. Thank you for staying up all night and helping out with the chores and errands.”

Junsu’s uncle also reached out to 2AM’s Jokwon saying, “Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Chansung and 2AM’s Changmin, Seulong and Jokwon – seeing you guys all being the pallbearers for Junsu’s father made me realize you guys are no different than blood brothers.”

Also, Jokwon was recently criticized by netizens about a tweet regarding Junsu’s father. Jokwon tweeted on January 20, “I have known Junsu hyung for a long time and as someone who’s been with him for a while, my heart is truly in pain. Everyone, please pray for Junsu hyung and Junsu hyung’s father.”

He continued in his tweet, “As always, time passes and more hardships come our way. I’ve always felt this but through this experience, I learn about gratitude. Please have a happy Lunar New Year with your parents. And I am thankful for this moment as well.”

However, it was that second part that got to the 2PM fans. They exclaimed that Jokwon spoke too easily about that since it was not his father who passed away. To that, Jokwon responded through his Twitter again, “It seems like there is a bit of an issue with my tweet. I’ve read over my tweet to see if it really is offensive. But what I meant by gratitude was for all the precious people around us when we go through hard times. The gratitude is for all the friends, colleagues and coworkers who support us through our hard times. Why would I post that with bad intentions? I’m very surprised because I’m seeing very scary mentions toward me.”

Currently, Jokwon erased all of his tweets regarding this issue.

Going back to Junsu’s uncle, he tweeted at Jokwon about this matter too. He said, “When I saw the articles about Jokwon being criticized about his tweets, my heart was pained. I will be a witness to say that Jokwon remained devoted to supporting and comforting Junsu until the end. I also want to thank Jokwon and his parents for coming a long way to Daegu to show us support.”

Junsu’s uncle also mentioned his thanks to the members of miss A, Wonder Girls, Insooni, Jin Bora and many other staff members of JYPE.