"The Moon That Embraces the Sun" Lee Min Ho Apologizes to "City Hunter" Lee Min Ho’s Fans

19-year-old actor Lee Min Ho (“The Moon That Embraces the Sun“) sent his apologies to the same-name, 25-year-old actor Lee Min Ho’s (“City  Hunter,” “Boys Over Flowers“) fans.

Lee Min Ho received a lot of love for his role as Yang Myung on “The Moon That Embraces the Sun.” However, on January 23, he left an apologetic message on his Twitter to the “City Hunter” Lee Min Ho fans.

He said, “It seems like there is a misunderstanding due to an article that was published recently. When I was being interviewed, I just shared a funny story regarding our same names. But I think the title of the article as well as the content was slightly exaggerated.”

The younger Lee Min Ho continued to say, “I always respected the older Lee Min Ho and I never wanted to receive attention this way through these articles. I never had any intentions of using him. I should have thought more and watched what I said so I am sorry. I will try to emulate Lee Min Ho hyung to become a better actor.”

Previously, the younger Lee Min Ho was interviewed and asked, “How do you feel about surpassing the older Lee Min Ho and appearing on many different portal sites?” To that the younger Lee Min Ho answered, “I guess that kind of stuff is important to fans. After I started receiving attention for having the same name, all of Lee Min Ho hyung’s fans turned into my anti-fans. It was hard because I even received threat-like messages to change my name. I’m still thinking about it these days on whether or not I really should change my name. I want to meet him though. Or it’d be really fun to play Lee Min Ho hyung’s younger role in a drama. I even dream of becoming a more mature actor and acting besides him as a main character.”

The younger Lee Min Ho