Hong Kong Magazine Publishes Stolen Shots of SNSD in a Plane

SNSD has been flying in and out of the country for various engagements that it has become quite common for fans to find photographs of them looking chic in the airport. But how are the girls aboard the plane?

Recently, a magazine in Hong Kong attempted to relieve that curiosity by providing a few stolen shots of SNSD members Jessica, YoonA, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon inside an aircraft. Local media reported on the paparazzi shots that appeared in Hong Kong’s “Face Magazine,” the scans of which have already started to spread through online community boards.

The photos show the SNSD members kicking back in the plane. In one of the pictures, Jessica has her feet propped against a seat, while YoonA beside her is enjoying a nap and then a snack. One photo shows Sooyoung also catching a bit of shut-eye, while another shows her in conversation with Hyoyeon.

Other photos also show Taeyeon engrossed in her handheld device and Sunny in her book. Tiffany and the other members were also captured catching up on rest.

Said to have been taken in the business class section of a plane, the photos drew mixed reactions from netizens. While there are comments like, “So this is how stars travel, how different from the general public” and “when people go overseas not to work, they still seem excited on plane rides, but the girls just really look tired,” on the other hand, questions were raised on how the photographs were obtained in the first place.