Results from the 4th Idol Star Athletics Championship

The 4th Idol Star Athletics Championship was held as an MBC Lunar New Year special program on January 24. A whopping number of around 150 idol stars participated in this event but a few seemed to have received the spotlight such. B1A4’s Baro and Dal Shabet’s Gaeun. ZE:A’s Dong Jun and SISTAR’s Bora showed undeniable talent.

Here are some of the highlights from this event:

Men’s 50m Race
1st Place – B1A4’s Baro
2nd Place – ZE:A’s Dong Jun

Men’s 50m Hurdle Race
1st Place – ZE:A’s Dong Jun

Women’s 50m Race
1st Place – Dal Shabet’s Gaeun
2nd Place – SISTAR’s Bora

Women’s 50m Hurdle Race
1st Place – A Pink’s Bomi
2nd Place – SISTAR’s Bora

Men’s 400m Relay
1st Place – Infinite

Women’s 400m Relay
1st Place – SISTAR

Men’s Walking Relay
1st Place – BEAST

Women’s Walking Relay
1st Place – SISTAR

Women’s High Jump
1st Place – After School’s Kahi
2nd Place – NS Yoonji
3rd Place – Girls Day’s Min Ah

Men’s High Jump
1st Place – Teen Top’s Niel

Men’s 50m Swimming
1st Place – Mighty Mouth’s Shorty
2nd Place – Dalmatian’s Daniel
3rd Place – Marco

Women’s 50m Swimming
1st Place – Rainbow’s Go Woori
2nd Place – Nine Muses Min Ah

Other idol stars such as T-ara, 4minute, miss A, Davichi, G.NA, Andy, Brown Eyed Girls, MBLAQ, Secret, U-KISS, A Pink and more participated in the games as well.

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