Han Ga In Gives Gifts to Staff on Set for "The Moon That Embraces the Sun"

In the midst of heavy filming for “The Moon That Embraces the Sun,” Han Ga In spread a little warmth throughout the set by presenting the production staff with gifts of rice cakes and beauty products.

On “The Moon That Embraces the Sun’s” Facebook page, photos of Han Ga In’s gifts were posted. Han Ga In wanted to thank the staff for their hard work, especially in this cold weather. And since it is the Lunar New Year, she passed around the rice cakes as well.

Staff members did not hold back on their praise and gratitude for Han Ga In’s thoughtful presents and even gave her the nickname, “Ga In That Embraces the Staff.”

Meanwhile, Han Ga In’s first appearance in episode six of “The Moon That Embraces the Sun,” is already receiving a lot of attention. Though it was only five seconds long, Han Ga In’s mysterious and beautiful character of Wol was well portrayed. Viewers are highly anticipating episode seven, which will air on January 25.