Han Chae Young Criticized for Sending New Years Greetings in a Supercar

Actress Han Chae Young gave her New Years greetings through a photo of her sitting in a “supercar” but she deleted it only after a day it was posted.

On January 22, Han Chae Young posted on her Twitter, “Happy New Year – I came out for a drive for the first in a long time during this holiday. I pray that everyone will have a great year. Always be happy and healthy.”

She posted a picture of herself in a purple padded jumper and her hand on the car steering wheel. The interior of the car clearly showed that it was an extremely luxurious car. Netizens have figured out that Han Chae Young was inside a Lamborghini Gallardo. This car is a famous supercar that is said to be worth around $300,000 USD.

As netizens started to leave many replies saying that it is a bit out of place to post such a photo, Han Chae Young immediately deleted her tweet and the photo. Opinions split into two; while one side commented, “Is it a sin to drive a luxurious, international car?” where as the other commented, “I don’t think it’s right to show off your international car during a Korean national holiday.”

What are your thoughts?