Teaser of Brian Joo and Tiger JK’s Upcoming Single Released

Finally it’s here! Another teaser of Brian Joo’s (also simply known as Brian) upcoming single “Leaving You” from his new upcoming album “Reborn Part I.”

He has collaborated with the Korean hip hop star Tiger JK for this upcoming hit and this synergy has made many national and international fans even more excited.

The teaser starts with Tiger JK rapping powerfully as he always does. Wearing a dark suit, an overcoat and aviator sunglasses, Tiger JK stands in a grimy hallway with flickering lights, rapping in a way that shows his emotions. Suddenly, the music stops and his name appears in full sight. Then images of Brian in a straitjacket switch with images of a girl who’s looking emotionally exhausted. Just as Brian turns around and we see the side of his face, the teaser ends with the date of the release, January 26, 2012.

Check out his new teaser below!