Infinite’s Japanese Concert Tickets Sell Out in 10 Minutes

Infinite is drawing major attention in Japan by selling out their first Japanese concert tickets. On January 10, Infinite concert tickets were open for sale for members of Japanese Infinite fanclub. Although this was only a pre-sales exclusive for the fanclub, the tickets sold out within 10 minutes, proving Infinite’s growing popularity not only in Korea but all over Asia. 

Infinite's Concert in Japan

Those who failed to purchase a ticket are calling in to inquire about more tickets as well as possibilities of another series of Infinite concerts. Some pre-sale Infinite concert tickets have appeared on an auction website as “Premium Ticket,” being traded at higher than usual prices. This sold out pre-sale ticket situation promises Infinite a successful, and possibly overheated, ticket sales for their first concert once the regular ticket pool opens up. Supporting Infinite’s success and popularity in Japan, many Japanese broadcasting companies are proposing to air Infinite’s upcoming concert. 

Infinite only made their debut in Japan in November 2011 with a regular single, “BTD (Before the Dawn).” Since Infinite is still a new-face K-pop artist in Japan, many thought that they would not be able to attract so many fans to the concert. However, Infinite proved those doubtful voices wrong with pre-sale sold-out tickets. Infinite’s first Japanese concert will be held at Tokyo International Forum Hall A on January 25 and 26. Tokyo International Forum Hall A could hold up to 5,000 audience at once.

Check out Infinite’s Japanese showcase below!