Yoon Mirae’s Sexy Chic Photo Shoot for Sure Magazine

Artist Yoon Mirae garnered netizen’s attention with her chameleon beauty in a magazine pictorial. Rather than being a Hip Hop Godmother, this time Yoon Mirae appealed her sexy, charismatic femininity. Her outfits, from one-shoulder lace see-through dress to a black long-sleeve backless dress, are accentuating a strong and yet warm feminine beauty in Yoon Mirae. 

During an interview for this pictorial, Yoon Mirae commented, “I plan on performing less on air and more on various kinds of live performance stages with the upcoming album. I think I’m more of a live performance type of artist, since I prefer being able to say stuff I want to say and sing songs I want to sing without any limitations.” Yoon Mirae’s interview, sexy chic pictorials, and makeup secrets will be on the February issue of Sure magazine.

Check out sexy, chic photos of Yoon Mirae below!