Help BoA Find Her Real Name

BoA has sent out a plea for help on Twitter to find the user of the Twitter account, “@boakwon.” As many of you know, Boa Kwon is the full name of BoA, but she hasn’t been able to use that ID since someone else had signed up for it earlier than her. Currently, her Twitter ID is “@BoA_1105,” which stands for her birthday.

Here are the two tweets she sent out earlier today:

However, if you click on the @boakwon page, it actually says, “The page does not exist.” So BoA should be able to register under her desired username now. Could it be the original user saw BoA’s tweet and deleted the account immediately? Or are there some other technical issues we’re not aware of? Whatever the case is, we hope BoA gets that user name before someone else takes it away from her again!