BEAST’s Dong Woon Appears in New MV "I Knew It"

BEAST‘s agency Cube Entertainment released a series of teaser photos of Dong Woon from the “themed music video” of BEAST’s new song “I Knew It.” Cube entertainment explained, “The music video is more of a visualization of songs regarding break-up stories rather than a music video for the specific song “I Knew It.” So we named it a ‘themed music video.'” 

In the released teaser photos, Dong Woon is expressing solitude and sadness with his eyes. Cube entertainment commented, “Dong Woon’s experience as a commercial model prior to his BEAST debut helped his acting in the new music video. He understood the ‘theme’ of it very well and portrayed the brokenheart and pure-hearted love toward a girl who left the man.” The producer of the MV, Hong Won Ki of Johnny Bros, was so impressed by Dong Woon that he even suggested him to start an official acting career. 

BEAST’s new digital single “I Knew It” will be released on January 25 at midnight and performed for the first time on-stage at BEAST’s world tour, “Beautiful Show” on February 2. This will be the first new-song performance in eight months. BEAST said that they focused more on the performance of “I Knew It,” but later decided to come up with a themed music video for the song as a gift to the fans.