Wonder Girls Go Retro Again

The Wonder Girls shared a photo of them during a recent photo shoot. On January 22, the Wonder Girls tweeted the picture along with the captions, ” What scene would it be? A quick shot during filming.”

In the picture, the five ladies are shown taking a cute pose and wearing casual and comfortable clothes. It seems that the girls were in the midst of rehearsals, as Yubin is feigning a tired pose while other members each are holding a towel. Sohee has once again showed off her favorite “closed-eye” pose.

Netizens were amused by the shared picture, as they commented, “What were they shooting? A drama? A show perhaps?” “It looks like they were rehearsing,” while others added, “Their outfits is a bit..” “This is retro,” and ” The pretty and cute Wonder Girls are the best!”

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls are currently preparing for their U.S debut and have released an OST single “The DJ Is Mine for their Teen Nick TV movie “The Wonder Girls.” A few days ago, an official movie premiere was held at the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles, which was a great success.

“The Wonder Girls” is set to premiere on February 2 on Teen Nick.