Kara’s Gyuri Lashes Out at Upset Netizens

On January 25, Kara’s Gyuri tweeted a couple of harsh words of criticism after being attacked by some upset netizens. The netizens sent hateful comments after Gyuri playfully expressed her love for soccer player Ki Sung Yong on the January 22 episode of MBC “Our Sunday Night.”

Gyuri wrote, “There are a lot of different ways to express your inferiority complex. But it’s 2012, and I’m going to go my own way. In the New Year, let’s try to memorize one more English vocabulary instead of wasting time on writing stuff like this.”

She added, “Oh, just in case there might be confusion over the phrase, ‘inferiority complex.’ That word does not apply to a lot of people. Just like it says, it only applies to people who thoughtlessly express themselves.”

On the show, Gyuri was asked if any sports came to mind regarding the 2012 London Olympics. She responded, “I’m good friends with Ki Sung Yong, who plays for Celtic in Scotland.” The show’s hosts asked her to send him a video message, and she said, “Sung Yong, fighting this year too! I’ll keep rooting for you!”

But the hosts urged her to express her love for her friend, and so she added, “Dear my friend, I love you!” As a joke, her two comments were later edited out and put together as a single comment, where it looked as if the said, “Sung Yong, I love you!”

After the show aired, Gyuri received a number of hateful comments from Ki Sung Yong fans, which she decided to retweet and make public. One comment said, “Park Gyu Ri watch out. My friends are Ki Sung Yong fans and they said they’re going to beat you up. They wrote negative comments to someone (and that person) committed suicide.” Another comment read, “My friends are crazy Ki Sung Yong fans, and they said they won’t leave you alone. I’m so sorry for you. You’re addicted to plastic surgery and a wang dda (loner).”