BEAST Apologizes to Brazilian and UK Fans through Video Message

Previously we reported that BEAST would go on a 21-city world tour, including stops in the UK and Brazil. However, it turns out they won’t be able to make visits to those two countries this time around.

In two separate videos released on January 25, BEAST apologized to fans in both Brazil and the UK for not being able to make it. It’s unknown at this point what caused the change in schedule. But they did promise to hold concerts in both countries in the near future, so B2UTIES keep your hopes up!

Check out the video messages below!

For Brazilian fans:

All: So~BEAST! Hello, we are BEAST

Doojoon: We really wanted to visit Brazil for this year’s world tour but due to something very important…

Hyunseung: Passport??

Doojoong: No, because of an important matter, we won’t be able to do visit Brazil this time. We are very sorry. 
But we can promise you this. We will definitely try to visit Brazil again to do a show for you guys!

Junhyung: We hope that day will come!

Doojoon: Take care and we hope that you continue to support us in 2012!

All: So~BEAST! Thank you! Happy New Year!

Dongwoon: Feliz ano novo~

For UK fans:

All: So~BEAST! Hello, We are BEAST 

Junhyung: I am very sorry to tell you this… and we know there are a lot of fans waiting for us in the UK. But unfortunately, BEAST won’t be able to visit the country during this world tour concert.

Dongwoon: I’m really sorry and we really wanted to do a show there. 

Junhyung: But this doesn’t mean we won’t ever visit the country again, right?

Dongwoon: Correct!

Junhyung: I am sure that there will be another opportunity for us to visit the country in the future. When we getthat chance, we promise to visit the UK and pull off an amazing show! 

Dongwoon: And a new year has arrived. I hope you have a happy and healthy 2012. Happy New Year~

All: So~BEAST! Thank you.