K-Pop Idols Add Star Power to Korean International Style Show in Japan

K-Pop’s frontrunners grace the three-day, Hallyu-fueled Korean International Style Show (KISS) in Tokyo, Japan. SNSD, Kara, BEAST, CN Blue, Sistar, T-ara, 4Minute, FT Island, After School, Secret, Rainbow and Infinite add star power to the event that intends to showcase South Korea’s thriving fashion industry.

KISS features Korean brands and models alongside some of their Japanese counterparts during the festivities at Tokyo’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium, near the trendy district of Harajuku. While KISS is fashion-focused, idol groups are an integral part of the program as Hallyu and the attention on fashion stems from K-Pop’s influence.

SNSD, CN Blue, BEAST and Sistar added more star power to KISS’ inaugural night on January 25. RaNia was the opening act for the first night that turned the spotlight on high-end fashion brands from both countries.

SNSD came in for an encore appearance on January 26. T-ara, FT Island and 4Minute will join the girls for the second night, which features trendy fashion. Japanese department store chain Lumine supports the second night with a showcase. Nine Muses is expected to perform as the opening act. 

Finally, Kara, After School, Secret, Rainbow and Infinite will join the festivities of the closing night. Korea’s street fashion takes center stage on January 27.

K-Pop’s presence in KISS is reportedly the biggest crowd-drawer. According to local news agencies, 33,000 tickets have been sold, riding on the popularity of the idol groups who have gained footholds and fans in the Japanese music scene.