Infinite’s L Is Not Confident with His Looks

On January 25, a press conference for the drama, “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” was held. A reporter asked Infinite‘s L what he thought about the title of the drama. L responded, “All the hyungs and nunas are so handsome and pretty that I don’t think that I am a ‘flower boy.'” His modest answer rounded up a lot of attention.

L continued to say, “I will work harder on my acting so that I can reach the level of the other hyungs. Since my looks can’t make it, I feel like I need to try harder.”

Many are heaving sighs because of L’s remarks because not only does he have exceptionally good looks but he has great features and a handsome smile that melts the hearts of many female fans.

Meanwhile, the first episode of “Shut Up Flower Boy Band” is to air on January 30. It is about a spunky and energetic band consisting of high school students. The drama will revolve around their stories of friendship, love, music and passion for a total of 16 episodes. L will be playing the role of Lee Hyun Soo, who is the chic guitarist of the band.

Is Infinite’s L just being modest or is he truly not confident about his looks?