Brian Joo’s "Reborn Part 1" Collaboration with Tiger JK and Jay Park

Brian Joo’s new album is “Reborn Part 1” and the main theme is a “collaboration focused on seriousness towards music.” The title song “Leaving You” is a collaboration with Tiger JK. Tiger JK is known as a star that does not like to collaborate with other artists but it is being said that he decided to after hearing the demo tape.

Tiger JK helped out with writing the lyrics and as shown in the teaser we reported about earlier, he also features in the music video.

The song “Leaving You” is a song about getting over a girl that has left the man. Another song “Can’t Stop” is a collaboration between Brian Joo and Jay Park.

A representative stated “Through ‘Reborn Part 1’ Brian means that he will be reborn with new music and style. He wants to imbue that meaning to fans but also to himself.”

The new album will be released on iTunes January 26.