IU’s Japanese Showcase a Success with an Audience of 4,000

The Japanese reaction to IU is explosive. Currently IU is still preparing for her official Japanese debut. However, before it she held a “Japan Premium Special Live” concert on January 24 which was more of a “Showcase.”

4,000 viewers came to view the show and they listened to the Japanese version of “Good Day,” and 5 other songs. The response of the Japanese media was positive. Headlines read, “Korea’s best young female singer arrived in Japan,” “IU’s 3 octave note is certainly powerful”

Netizens who have come across the news stated, “I didn’t know IU would be popular in Japan,” “It looks like there will be a lot of uncle fans in Japan now,” “IU is the trend,” and “I hope IU succeeds in Japan.”

IU will officially release her album through EMI on March 21.