BEAST Releases “I Knew It” Themed Music Video

BEAST’s Themed Music Video for “I Knew It” was finally released!

Yesterday we released teaser photos of Dong Woon appearing in the themed music video. Dong Woon is shown driving, when he stops in the middle of a bridge. He sees a girl standing alone and she whispers something to him, then walks away.

Cube Entertainment had made a statement about Dong Woon’s appearance, “[Dong Woon] understood the ‘theme’ of the [music video] very well and portrayed the broken and pure hearted love towards a girl who left the man.”

The song “I Knew it” will be performed for the first time on-stage at BEAST’s world tour “Beautiful Show” on February 2. Although BEAST had focused more on the performance for “I Knew It,” they decided to release this themed music video as a gift to fans.