Park Yoochun’s Brother Park Yoo Hwan Shows off Macho Body

JYJ Park Yoochun’s younger brother Park Yoo Hwan appeared on a “High Cut” photoshoot, January 19. The magazine showed off Park Yoo Hwan’s unexpected body. (Park Yoo Hwan is an actor)

In the picture he is showed wearing a leather jacket, see-through thank tops, and ripped denim pants. His clothes and muscles gave off a very “tough” or “macho” vibe.

Park Yoo Hwan stated, “The only thing I have got that is better than my older brother is my whiter skin.” Unlike his statement though he has a very young looking face and Park Yoo Hwan’s muscles are ripped.

Park Yoo Hwan’s photoshoot appeared in the 69th edition of “High Cut.” Park Yoo Hwan appeared in “A Thousand Days Promise” and “Gye Baek.”