[Updated] Brown Eyed Girls Miryo Teaser Images for Solo Album Revealed

Last week, we reported that Brown Eyed Girls skilled rapper Miryo was to make her first solo effort in February.

Today, Brown Eyed Girls agency Nega Network unveiled a set of teaser images which officially mark
the start of Miryo‘s own album promotions.

In the first teaser image, Miryo is seen doing the famed over-the-shoulder pose and biting her nails. She is wearing a white top decorated with various and colourful accessories, with dramatic make-up and a fire red rouge. The poster says “Miryo, AKA JOHONEY” which is Miryo’s twitter username and her real name being Jo Mi Hye we suspect it holds a particular meaning in regards to the album’s content.

A few minutes later, Nega Network disclosed another teaser image. Here, Miryo is again biting her nails, which seems to be her trademark pose for her solo album, and we are able to get a better look at her fashion.
It seems that Miryo’s image is still giving off a fierce and powerful feel but is definitely a major change
from the image we are used to seeing from her when promoting with her fellow members.

A few minutes ago, Nega Network revealed the remaining third and fourth teaser images, giving out a bit more about Miryo’s album concept.

Miryo’s solo work will showcase her producer skills and we will be able to appreciate the singer’s unique charms and colors. Moreover, Miryo has been involved in the production process. She will tell her own stories and life experiences through the lyrics she wrote.

Miryo’s solo album is already available for pre-orders. It will be released on February 1.

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